Joint International Laboratories between

France, Russia and Ukraine

 The AIMAN-FILMS group was the Principal Investigator of the creation of the Joint International Franco-Russian-Ukrainian Laboratories LIA LEMAC (2005-2012) and LIA LICS (2013-Pres.).


  1.  Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology  « IEMN », (UMR CNRS 8520), Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
  2. Wave Research Center of A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute « WRC-GPI » (RAS), Moscow, Russia
  3. V.A.Kotel’nikov Institute of RadioEngineering and Electronics « IRE » (RAS), Moscow, Russia
  4. Moscow State Institute of Radio-Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MIREA, Technical University), Departments of Cybernetics and Electronics, Moscow, Russia
  5. N.P.Ogarev Mordovia University, Department of Radio-Engineering, Saransk, Russia
  6. V.I. Vernadsky University of Taurida, Department of experimental physics, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine


Main objectives focus on studies of static, quasi-static and dynamic critical and supercritical phenomena in the multi-physic fields of functional electronics, acoustics and fluidics. The fundamental investigations are focused on specific features of coupled nonlinear systems near equilibrium and non-equilibrium phase transitions.


–          French Side:   Professor Philippe PERNOD (

–          Russian Side: Professor Vladimir PREOBRAZHENSKY (


The Joint International Laboratory LIA LICS results from more than 16- years scientific collaboration established since 1996 from French side by the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN-UMR CNRS 8520) / EC Lille and from Russian side by the Wave Research Center of A.M.Prokhorov General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (WRC GPI RAS). The initial field of collaboration was focused on nonlinear magneto- acoustics of solids and applications in ultrasonics.  In 2004 the collaboration was formed as the European Associated Laboratory on Nonlinear magneto-acoustics of condensed matter (LEA LEMAC).  The domain of activity was extended on nonlinear ultrasonic imaging based on parametric wave phase conjugation   and micro magneto-mechanical systems (MMMS). The new partners such as Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering Electronics and Automation (Technical University MIREA) and Taurida National University (TNU, Ukraine) were involved in collaboration. Taking into account the partnership with the Ukrainian University, the Laboratory was reorganized in 2008 into the International Associated Laboratory (LIA LEMAC). The activity on micro-systems was extended on micro-fluidics and nanostructured active films and multiferroics.

   The results of the LIA LEMAC activity obtained during the period 2005-2012 are published in more than 197   papers in the most famous scientific issues, presented in more than 232 international conferences, protected by 11 patents. 25 PhD theses, 2 theses of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and 1 HDR were defended in LEMAC. The Laboratory carried out more than 30 European and National projects.

The Joint International Laboratory LIA “LICS” between France, Russia and Ukraine on “Critical and supercritical phenomena in functional electronics, acoustics and fluidics” is a new LIA project for period 2013-2016, with enlarged and strongly renewed scientific scope. It is constructed on the core part of the partnership established during the 1995 – 2012 years, but presents slight evolutions of the members in accordance with the new scientific program.


Image du Presse-papiers

29 November 2012 / From left to right : P. Rollet, Pres. Univ. Lille 1 / E. Craye, Dir. EC Lille / M. Pham-delègue, Dir. Des realtions internationales CNRS Europe / V. Pachenko,  Pres. Fondation Russe Rech. Fond. / A. Andreev, Vice Pres. Académise des Sciences de Russie / A. Sigov, Recteur Univ. MIREA Moscou / S. Vdovin, Recteur Univ. Mordovie

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